The villains of the world are cunning. They are masterful. They are evil. But who is cutting their hair? Boss Cutters is the story of one man's rise to glory from frightened child to lowly henchman to successful hair stylist. But to what sort of seedy clientele is he catering? And what consequences might there be if the wrong sort of people catch on to his game?


Coif - Nathan Levy
Secare - Thomas Doxtater
Freeze - James House
Mister J - Nick Lauer
Supes - George Dallman
Harley - Stephanie Rose Quinnell
Ivy - Cheyenne Fotes
Cat - Melonie Gartner
Young Coif - Jake Piper
Young Secare - Ryan Sadkovich
Secare's Mother - Simone LaPierre
Secare's Father - Brian Belz
Lumbering Superhero - Louis Sather
Barber - Kristian Johnson
Girl - Evelyn Contreras
Girl's Mother - Jessica Contreras
Young Girl in Cape - June Contreras


Director - Joe Lefeber
Writer - Craig Olson
Screenplay - Adam Al-Sayed
Producers -
               Alex Contreras
               Bryan Royston
               Nathan Levy
Director of Photography - Benjamin Mead
Film Editor - Justin Johnson
Sound Editor - Jordan Gamble
Casting Director - Alex Contreras
Assistant Directors -
               Natalie Pohorski
               Alex Contreras
               Bryan Royston
Gaffer - Jeff Blankenship
2nd Assistant Camera - Jeff Blankenship
Sound Mixer - Jordan Gamble
Makeup Artist - Mason Brown
Hair Stylist - Mason Brown
Property Master - Susan Rathke
Script Supervisor - Susan Rathke
Data Wrangler - Bryan Royston
Production Assistant - Brandon Cole
Rehearsal Director - Bryan Royston
Caterers -
               Alex Contreras
               Becky Caruso
Poster Design - Jeffrey P. Worthen