"Country Girl at Heart" is our second project with Field & James. For this music video we're casting for the roles of JENNY, a female in her mid-late twenties through thirties, and her MOTHER, a female in her fifties-sixties. (Our previous project with the duo was a music video for their single, "You Are So Easy to Love."

Song performed by    - Field & James
Song written by    - Field Stark & James Eisele, Copyright 2012
Story by    - Robin James and Bryan Royston
Director    - Robin James
Producer    - Alex Contreras
Executive Producer    - Bryan Royston
Executive Producer    - David Warner
Assistant Director - Kelly Lajter
Cinematographer    - Oswaldo Martinez
Second Camera Operator    - Evan Parquette
Gaffer - Evan Parquette
Makeup Artist    - Katrina King
Makeup Assistant    - Joey Broyles
Film Editor    - Christina Smith
Production Assistant   - Morganna Milgrim