Original story by Craig Olson.  Two men's fates intertwine and shape their future through a succession of unfortunate events.  Both must decide for themselves what they stand for and discover how best to live the rest of their lives.


Gunman - Brian Belz
Freud - Jordan Peterson
Wife - Katrina King
Judge - Roger Severson
Presiding Juror - Máire Jacobs
Jurors -
               Joey Broyles
               Gary Hoffman
               Simone LaPierre
               Craig Olson
Attorney / EMT - Louis Sather
Courtroom Spectators -
               Alex Contreras
               Eric Swierczek


Story by - Craig Olson
Screenplay by - Craig Olson and Alex Contreras & Jeff Blankenship & Máire Jacobs
Director - Jeff Blankenship
Co-Director - Alex Contreras
Producer - Alex Contreras
Executive Producers -
               Bryan Royston
               David Warner
Assistant Director - Robin James
Cinematographer - Steven Dean
1st Assistant Camera - Eric Swierczek
Makeup Artists -
               Joshua Gilchrist
               Katrina King
Film Editors -
               Jeff Blankenship
               David Warner
Original Music by - Nate Levy
Script Supervisor - Bryan Royston