When a dedicated priest in a Polish-American parish must clean out the home of a recently deceased elderly woman,an old photograph of a dead child raises questions. Eerie occurrences prod him to uncover an unexpected answer.


Fr. Kmichik - Rex Steven Sikes
Helen Waldowski - Joette Waters
Megan Lenske - Gail Hafar
Emma Kurcher - Mary Fairweather Dexter
Paula - Brieann Jasmine Robbins
Lloyd James - Bryan Royston
Young Helen - Simone LaPierre
Photographer - Craig Olson
Anna Waldowski -
               Evelyn Contreras
               Kelly Lajter
Young Kmichik -
               Kaeden Saunders
               Brayden Spangler-Jacobson (photo only)
Woman on Street - Jennie Larsen


Story by - Karla S. Bryant
Screenplay by - Karla S. Bryant
Writing Consultant - Rich LeMay
Director - Jeff Blankenship
Associate Director - Craig Olson
Producers -
               Alex Contreras
               Bryan Royston
Executive Producer - Joe Lefeber
First Assistant Director - Kelly Lajter
Second Assistant Director - Craig Olson
Director of Photography - Steven Dean
2nd Assistant Cameras -
               Bryan Royston
               Tony Zirngible
               Chris Seurer
               Dee Griffin
Gaffers -
               Justin Propp
               Evan Parquette (2nd unit)
Grips -
               Lee Colt
               Dee Griffin
               Eric Rhiel
               Tony Zirngible
Production Sound Mixers -
               Ryan Meunier
               Chris Seurer (2nd unit)
Assistant Audio Technicians -
               Chris Seurer
               Peter Langeness (2nd unit)
Makeup Artists -
               Joshua Harrison
               Simone LaPierre
Assistant Makeup Artist - Karla S. Bryant
Special Effects Makeup - Kelly Lajter
Hair Stylist - Joshua Harrison
Wardrobe - Susan Rathke
Set Designer - Mandy Stoehr
Set Dressers -
               Karla S. Bryant
               Susan Rathke
               Eric Rhiel
Props -
               Mandy Stoehr
               Susan Rathke
               Kelly Lajter
Film Editors -
               Brian Alberth
               Brian A. Hollendyke
Visual Effects Artist - Jade Ertel
Colorist - Brian A. Hollendyke
Composer - Nathan Levy
Post-Production Audio - Michael Pann
Foley Artist - Ben Wydeven
Foley Assistant - Lena Barkin
Script Supervisors -
               Kelly Lajter
               Máire Jacobs (2nd unit)
Assistant Script Supervisor - Bryan Royston
Casting Director - Tammy Adler
Production Manager - Kelly Lajter
Location Managers -
               Jeff Blankenship
               Karla S. Bryant
Production Office Assistant - Justin Schober
Indiegogo Campaign Team -
               Karla S. Bryant
               Bryan Royston
               Justin Schober
Still Photographer - Peter Langeness
Production Assistants -
               Thomas Bryant
               Lee Colt
               Brian A. Hollendyke
               Nathan Lowe
               Eric Rhiel
               Chris Kalscheur (2nd unit)
               Kira Louther (2nd unit)
               Susan Rathke (2nd unit)
Titles and Credits -
               Jeff Blankenship
               Bryan Royston
Poster Design - Peter Langeness
Publicity Director - Karla S. Bryant
Caterer - Jennie Larsen
Catering Assistant - Brian Larsen

Camera, Support Equipment, and Cinematography provided by chromadream.