Written by Craig Olson.  The story's style was interpreted as an Alfred Hitchcock project.  The protagonist, Cameron is a student immersed with his studies.  He is completely absorbed in his work and is able to eek through a simple living.  To his surprise he finds that his illustrations take life.


Cameron Long - Yeng Kong Thao
Jason Hendrickson - Josh Weishaar
Molly Thompson - Mary Ann Raemisch
Sarah Jennings - Alicia McCanna
Waiter - Kyle Ulrich
Announcer - Michele Parker
Man at Bus Stop - Bryan Royston
Park Visitor - Robin James
Park Visitor, Diner Patron, & Mourner - Tammy Adler
Park Visitor, Diner Patron, & Mourner - Jen Boehmer
Park Visitor, Diner Patron, & Figure 2 - Jason Cain
Park Visitor, Diner Patron, & Mourner - Ginger Ann
Diner Patron & Pedestrian - Michele Parker
Figure 1 - Karl Reinhardt


Director - Jeff Blankenship
Writer - Craig Olson
Producer - Alex Contreras
Executive Producers -
               Bryan Royston
               David Warner
Director of Photography - Kirk McCamish
Sound Editor - Dustin Sisson
Costume Designer - Michele Parker
Composer - Nathan Levy
Casting Director - Tammy Adler
Assistant Director - Elen Santana
Gaffer - Randy Lee
Lighting Technician - Eric Swierczek
1st Assistant Camera - Randy Lee
2nd Assistant Camera - Bryan Royston
Sound Mixer - Eric Swierczek
Makeup Artist - Michele Parker
Art Director - Tony Pesa
Set Designer - Nicole McIntosh
Cartoonist - Ben Jones
Newspaper Designs - Lori Hatzinger
Script Supervisor - Robin James
Production Assistants -
               Nicole McIntosh
               Mariah Staelens
Foley Artist - Dustin Sisson

Music Recorded at Blast House Studios, Madison, WI
Tracking Engineer - Dustin Sisson
Audio Mixer - Dustin Sisson
Musicians - Daniel Jacobs, Daniel Ma, Alex Norris, and Ami Yamamoto

Rehearsal Director - Bryan Royston
Titles and Credits - Mary Waitrovich
Poster Design - Douglas Productions
Creative Consultant - David Warner
Consultant - Brian Alberth