Alex Contreras has over 16 years experience as a filmmaker, as a Chief Operating Officer of Living Storm Productions, Alex’s intertwining of story and music are expressed in the company’s history and culture.

Values of fairness and respect were woven into stories told by Alex’s grandparents, who introduced him to storytelling. The images and characterizations were thought provoking and a way for Alex to learn about the culture of ancient Mexico and the indigenous worldview of the Mexika (me-shee-ka/Aztecs). For him it was a way to reconnect to a wonderfully rich legacy of beauty and art. But, also as a way to understand the philosophy of long ago actions that were used as a foundation to his upbringing.


Bryan Royston is a founding LSP member, which he started, along with Alex Contreras and David Warner back in 2010. Over the past four years, the company has produced seven short films with the eighth, “Full Circle”, currently in production, one music video, and one promotional video for an online company.

Bryan first met Alex Contreras on the set of Alex’s first feature film, “The Sentinel’s Flight”, which was being produced by a precursor company to LSP named Sentinel Productions. Though always Chief Information Officer of Living Storm Productions, Bryan is a firm believer in “cross pollination” of local artists and production companies. That is to say he has worked with many different groups in the southern Wisconsin area and encourages the same within LSP. He is always eager to find new outlets for his artistic leanings and does so in many genres, including film, stage, and music endeavors. He enjoys opportunities to work both in front of as well as behind the camera, and appreciates the importance of any and all roles in a production.


Nathan has been with Living Storm Productions since its inception in 2010. As the team's lead composer and music producer, he has written the music for most of LSP's short films. In 2015, Nathan joined Bryan Royston and Alex Contreras as a Chief Financial Officer. His goals as a company leader are to help expand LSP's community presence in Southern WI, and of course to assist as much as possible in the team's collaborative effort to create gripping cinema.