Written by Ethan Kanfer.  Tortured by an unhappy marriage and a sagging career, traveling salesman GRANT must spend yet another lonely evening on the road. On a dark, sad highway somewhere in rural America, Grant encounters MADELEINE, a mysterious but charming hitchhiker, who seems to want something more than just a ride. Her flirtatious overtures soon have Grant forgetting that he’s a “happily married” man. Further down the road stands RITA, a preppy princess who’s just been literally dumped by her arrogant boyfriend.


Madeleine - Jen Boehmer
Grant - Dylan Kleinschmidt
Rita - Erin Schwartz
Neil - Bryan Royston


Screenwriter - Ethan Kanfer
Director - David Warner
Producer - Alex Contreras
Executive Producers -
               Bryan Royston
               David Warner
Assistant Director - Elen Santana
Cinematographer - Jeff Blankenship
Production Sound Mixer - Ryan Smith
Costume Designer - Michele Parker
Film Editor - Christina Smith
Original Music by - Nate Levy
Script Supervisor - Robin James