Living Storm Productions, Madison's largest independent film production company, is holding auditions for our next short film, "The Stone Carver of King Street."

"The Stone Carver of King Street," written by Christine DeSmet and Peggy Williams, is the winning script from the Living Storm Productions, Screenwriting Competition 2016. The film is about the title character, grieving the death of his wife. His carvings are the focus of his healing process, as he learns to be open to the possibilities around him, while putting his feelings of sorrow, in the past.

Tuesday, September 27th: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Goodman Community Center, Bolz Meeting Room A
149 Waubesa St., Madison, WI 53704

Auditioners will read from sides, provided at the audition. Please come with a headshot and résumé.

Shooting Date(s):

If you have further questions, please contact Casting Director, Karla S. Bryant, at

Character Descriptions:

MARCUS (lead):
25-35 y.o. male. Stone carver. Physically fit, athletic, bicycle rider. Marcus is friendly and affable, but emotionally guarded and a bit reclusive, due to the loss of his wife. His emotional range is extreme and complex: frustration, depression, tears of sadness and of love. He is self-reflective and is actively working to resolve his current status.

LAYLA (lead):
25-35 y.o. female. Physically fit, athletic, bicycle rider, runner. Marcus' deceased wife. Easy-going, fun-loving, compassionate. She died of cancer 5 years previous. We see Layla primarily through a video she made with Marcus, as a gift to him, and we experience her feelings through Marcus’ thoughts and reminiscences. She loved Marcus more than life itself, and her wish (posthumously), is that Marcus is able to move on with his life and love another. She is also the subject of his latest work, a mermaid carving.

20's-30's female. Athletic, bicycle rider, runner. Marcus' business assistant. Dedicated, hard-working, compassionate and trusted friend to Marcus. There are no romantic overtones in this relationship. Her concerns are for the success of the business, but also his well-being. She is encouraging, but does not overstep personal boundaries.

25-35 y.o. female. Physically fit, bicycle rider. Maddy is the love-to-be of Marcus. We see her primarily in the background for much of the film, but she has a critical exchange with Marcus when they finally meet, that creates an unmistakable connection between them.

20's-30's 1 female, 1 male. Part of the bicycle group that encourages Marcus to join them on a ride. Smaller, speaking roles.

Members of Bicycle Group:
Any age/gender. Extras/background members of bicycle group. Will be filmed riding in a group.