Spotlight: Dee Griffin

LSP Member Spotlight - 2014.06.02

Dominitric "Dee" Griffin first heard about Living Storm Productions through a mutual friend of LSP’s co-owner and producer, Alejandro Contreras. As a graduate of the film program of UW-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts, Dee had the knowledge and experience to be a part of LSP’s productions from on set through post-production positions. Additionally, Dee has worked as a grip, production assistant, and editor for UWDOC. While he also does work for MATA Community Media as a video contractor, Dee directs and produces his own personal projects as well.

Dee has always had a passion for both film and music. At 14, he recorded his first music video and, throughout high school, took advantage of all the video courses he could, recording many hours of music videos and sitcoms. One of the most exciting things about filmmaking to Dee is capturing important moments in documentaries that could never be replicated or re-enacted in any credible way. A critical aspect of filmmaking to him is the ability to change people’s perspectives on social class, stereotypes, etc. by the art of film.

In terms of future ambitions, Dee hopes to work full time as a videographer or editor for a film production company. His goal is to create heartfelt African-American films, using works bySpike LeeHughes brothers, and Langston Hughesas models. Dee would like to depict African-Americans in a more positive light than is usually shown and, in doing so, remove negative stereotypes that exist among minorities.

— with Dominitric Griffin.

Robert Westervelt