Spotlight: Adam Wright

LSP Member Spotlight - 2014.07.14

Adam Wright has been a creative member ofLiving Storm Productions in the capacities of production assistant, editor, and taking on other positions as needed.

He first became interested in filmmaking when he was in fifth grade and he began making movies with his friends, using a VHS camera. He instantly got hooked on not just filmmaking, but also in acting, improvisation, and the fun of telling stories. Even though Adam’s first films were about naked electricians and took place in cardboard boxes, his interest was permanently sparked. In high school, he became interested in The Coen brothersWerner Herzog, and David Lynch and grew to see films not individually, but in a group focus. Film was never an escape for Adam, but he saw the stories, characters, and situations as windows into reality. Or, as Adam says, "Movies are not a way to exit reality, but a reflection of what we think is reality."

When asked what’s the most exciting part about filmmaking to him, Adam responded to think of the game "telephone", where a word or phrase changes after people pass it on between each other. Filmmaking is like that to him, an experience where an idea is written down, a group figures out how to bring that idea to life, then it comes to life on camera or gets changed as needed and technique takes over. In short, it’s doing what you can with an outline and letting emotion and feeling flow through shooting and changing as needed.

Adam attended film school in Chicago and has worked on sets throughout Chicagoland. He made some short films of his own while in school. He continues projects as a screenwriter and would love the experience of directing and acting to see if those are areas he’d also enjoy. Adam hopes to work his way up by trying to gain a bit of experience in every aspect of filmmaking. One of his ambitions is to make his own films independently.

— with Adam RightWay.

Robert Westervelt