Spotlight: Frances Goglio

LSP Member Spotlight - 2014.07.28

Frances Goglio started working with Living Storm Productions before they were even called Living Storm Productions! Nathan Levy (Frances’ fiancé) worked on music with the group during their first project as a group. Frances became interested in participating when the group started developing a sci-fi project. The story concept of TransHuman - The Movie was very interesting to her because that genre in particular seems to suffer from flat and unnatural dialogue, Frances thought that she could help with script development, paying particular attention to dialogue.

Frances first became interested in film when she watched her first "grown-up" films with complex storylines, multidimensional, characters and brilliantly-written dialogue. There's a pretty short list of films that Frances loves, but those with the characteristics described above have been inspirational to her.

For Frances, the most exciting part about filmmaking is when the group watches an edit together and collectively realizes that, after however many edits there have been up to that point, that the film is exactly how it should be. Even if her role is to help in the writing, there is no movie until music, sound, and the right footage are combined in just the right way.

While Frances hasn’t had a great deal of experience in filmmaking, she enjoys reading, writing, and seeing stories play out, regardless of what the medium is. Aside from Living Storm Productions, her experience with story creation has been almost exclusively through text.

At this point, in terms of film ambitions, Frances, goals are fairly modest. She’d love to work on another sci-fi project and see a script come to completion, even if in a supporting role. A secondary goal would be to relate filmmaking to her chosen profession (veterinarian). In that respect, she’d like to learn more about miniseries’ and documentaries.

— with Frances Goglio.

Robert Westervelt