Spotlight: Nathan Levy

LSP Member Spotlight - 2014.08.11

Nate connected with Living Storm Productionsduring the summer of 2009. At the time, Living Storm Productions had issued an open invitation for musicians to submit demos to be considered for their feature, "The Sentinel’s Flight". As an undergrad studying music composition, Nate was intrigued by the prospect of creating film score, so he put something together. Though his entry was not chosen, he joined on as an assistant in the music department, and helped coordinate and patch together an eclectic soundtrack for the film. Beginning with the short film, “Wind Up Toy”, (, in 2011, he has been the primary music composer for the group and Nate says he’s loved every minute of it!

Nate’s parents exposed him to a lot of early cinema and classic films as a child. Among his favorites were the silent films of Charlie Chaplin (Official) and Buster Keaton, where the music often mirrored physical events, reflected emotions of the characters, and often stood in for sound effects or speech. Of course Charlie and Buster were the stars, and he liked them most of all!

The most exciting part of film making for Nate is the recording session. After many weeks and often months of writing, rewriting, and adjusting parts to match the visuals and dialogue of the film as perfectly as possible, the entire score is brought to life in a few short hours. It’s always hectic, down-to-the-wire, and exhausting, but an incredibly gratifying payoff after all the work that the music crew and post-production team have put in.

Since Nate’s start with Living Storm Productions about five years ago, he has composed the underscore for eight short films, three film teasers, as well as additional tracks for two feature films. In the future he would love to branch out to documentary scoring and art films where the music takes on a more prominent role. 

— with Nathan Levy.

Robert Westervelt