Spotlight: Jeff Blankenship

LSP Member Spotlight - 2014.10.06

Jeff has been a Director/Producer for Living Storm Productions since the fall of 2011. The first project he directed was "Killboy & Krash", a short, written by Craig Olson His second project was another short, also written by Craig Olson, called, "Stones". After "Stones," he was the Director of Photography on a short called, "Red Light", written by Ethan Kanfer. After those shorts, he created a silent film style promotional video, a web based business linking farmers to consumers. That project was one of Living Storm's first commercial ventures. The next project was "Freud", also written by Craig Olson, which is currently in the film festival circuit. It was seen at the Wildwood Film Festival in Appleton, Wisconsin this spring, and is currently in consideration for several others, includingDriftless Film Festival and Green Bay Film Festival.

Outside of the Living Storm umbrella, Jeff directed a film for this year's 48 Hour Film Project called "Stable Emotions", and participated in last year's event, on a project called "D", which won several awards. For that project, he was the Director of Photography.

Prior to LSP, Jeff owned and operated a video production company that produced video services for the commercial, as well as consumer markets. The consumer products included weddings, special events, photo montages, sport highlights, athletic recruitment, and community awareness.

Commercial clients included such companies as: Coca-Cola Bottling of Wisconsin, Kraft Foods, Oscar Mayer, Parker-Hannifin, Saint-Gobain, Flambeau Plastics, Ohio Medical, Cardinal Health, UW-Credit Union, The University of Wisconsin, and Tailor Made Products. These products were promotional or instructional, in nature, for the most part.

Jeff was the Creative Director at TV-43, Baraboo, Wisconsin. He produced, directed, and edited all creative video material, for the television station. This position included television commercial production, live programming and events, and studio production.

Prior to these video/film related positions, Jeff was in the I.T. industry for nearly 20 years, in support, network and training capacities.

Jeff was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, but raised in Madison, Wisconsin. He attended 3 different high schools and graduated from Eagle River, Wisconsin (Northland Pines).

Jeff graduated from University of Wisconsin - Whitewater with a B.B.A. in Marketing with an emphasis in computer programming and a previous music major. He played the trumpet, piano, and was in the marching band. During his college summers, he worked in Connecticut at computer camps. Interestingly, at one point, a camper's father, who was a Vice President at Universal Studios, gave him an open invitation for a job.

During his youth, Jeff performed every summer in water ski shows in northern Wisconsin, and performed various acts, including barefoot skiing, skiing on a canoe paddle, pyramids, doubles, and juggling on top of a stool.

Jeff is a private pilot and enjoys skiing, golfing, and riding motorcycles. He is also an avid photographer and works on professional and semi-professional shoots.

— with Jeff Blankenship.

Robert Westervelt