Spotlight: Joe Lefeber

LSP Member Spotlight - 2014.10.20

Joe Lefeber first found out about Living Storm Productions through a post online. He had researched the company and watched the short films posted on the website. He enjoyed watching the evolution and increase in quality from film to film. LSP interested him as he had seen their ability to produce quality films and it was something that he wanted to be a part of.

Watching Jurassic Park sparked Joe’s first interest in film. He recalled sitting in the theatre when he was younger and just being drawn in by the magic of that film. To see something extraordinary like dinosaurs being brought to life, so vividly, along with the emotions and excitement it garnered has stayed with him.

To Joe, film is a real form of magic. It forces one to think and feel while also being entertained and it acts as an escape.

The most exciting part of making a film, to Joe, is watching the process unfold from how a script and story is written and conceived, to how it evolves and grows through the process.

Joe attended the New York Film Academy - Los Angeles, California, (yes, the irony is not lost on him). He’s worked in several different roles on various short films. Joe’s real focus and passion is in regards to story and development. He’s written several shorts and a feature.

Joe has many filmmaking ambitions that grow and evolve as time goes on. His current ambition is to write a feature that is produced and completed. While he sees the value and importance in short films, he believes it is every filmmaker’s goal to do a feature.

From there, Joe wants to make quality films that audiences can get lost in and walk away from remembering the emotions it garnered, such as his favorite films do.

— with Joe Lefeber.

Robert Westervelt