Spotlight: Rich LeMay

LSP Member Spotlight - 2014.11.17

I met Alejandro Contreras at a get-together for a mutual friend's birthday, and we started talking about my interest in film. He told me about his company [Living Storm Productions] and invited me to sit in on their weekly meeting to get an idea of what they were doing and how they worked. Shortly thereafter I became a full member, helping out with various projects, providing feedback and working as a PA and writing consultant.

I've always enjoyed storytelling, a passion which started with reading voraciously as a kid. This naturally lead to a penchant for writing, and I found that visualizing a story and describing it in terms of watching a film fit my style quite well.

For me [my favorite thing about filmmaking], is the 'aha' moment, which can happen at almost any time during the process, and generally does so multiple times. It starts with the idea for the story: 'Aha! What if...' and then continues throughout the experience. There are constant barriers one runs into while making a film, and each time you hurdle one of these issues, it is usually due to an 'aha' moment.

I've written, shot, and edited a 7 minute short for a project in high school, a horror I only subject my close friends to. Other than that, I've done some PA work for LSP for their marketing video, and helped write a script for the Madison 48 Hour Film Project festival called 'Stable Emotions'.

Eventually I would like to direct a script that I've written, but in the meantime working on indie projects with local production companies is really rewarding. My other goal is to be involved with an excellent TV series like 'The Walking Dead'.

— with Rich LeMay.

Robert Westervelt