Spotlight: Chris Seurer

LSP Member Spotlight - 2014.12.29

1. How did you find out about Living Storm Productions? What made you want to become part of the group?

I became aware of Living Storm Productions through an online post, on Craigslist I do believe.

I wanted to become a part of the group because I wanted to pursue any way that I could continue to grow in both the production and post-production side of television or film. I felt that LSP, being based in Madison, gave me a great opportunity to do just that.

2. What first interested you in film?

It's hard for me to pinpoint an exact moment that I realized I could become a part of the industry. But, like most of us, we have very engrained parts of our upbringing that revolve around films and movies. For me it was the Disney classics: Toy StoryThe Lion King,The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It wasn't until much later in my life that I began to appreciate films as much more than pure enjoyment. They are beautiful avenues to tell a rich story, to get lost in a world that is many times much different than our own. It wasn't until even later in my life that I truly grasped the work that went into making any given film, and that I could be a part of that experience. And that is what keeps pulling me towards this medium.

3. For you, what’s the most exciting part about making a film?

For me, it has to be the end product. You can sit back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You get to show off all the hard work you and so many others did to make it perfect. But, you also get to remember how much fun you had on set while each take was being shot, and all the fun you had during that entire process.

4. What is your experience in filmmaking?

My experience in filmmaking is somewhat limited. Through LSP, I worked on my first ever film project, if you exclude some crude works in High School, in "Full Circle." On the set of Full Circle, I was invited to work on another project called "The Reason for Jim Season." On the TRFJS, I wore every hat imaginable. But the experience I got out of working on that project was so beneficial for me.

As for my own works, I am in the finishing stages of a feature-length Documentary called "Aztalan - Today and Tomorrow." It tells the story of Wisconsin's largest archeological site, from its inception of a dwelling place of Native Americans 1,000 years ago, to the mid 1830's and its discovery by Europeans, to present day. My new goal for the project is to be completely finalized in the summer of 2015. For more information about this particular project, visit here.

5. What are some of your filmmaking ambitions?

My ambitions are widespread. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy the production side of the filmmaking process. With my exposure through LSP, as well as my experience in the television world through news stations and Wisconsin Public Television, the production side of everything is something I hope I can continue to pursue.

I also hope to start up a side business of my own, creating videos for the local public for a wide array of video needs.

I also have a few more ideas of documentary stories I want to tell. My next project will involve today's global culture, and waste. Water waste, food waste, energy waste. In the not so distant future, all of these issues will be of the utmost importance, and any education and action we can achieve now can only help us in the future.

— with Chris Seurer.

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