Spotlight: Jordan Biagomala

LSP Member Spotlight - 2016.05.16

1. How did you find out about Living Storm Productions? What made you want to become part of the group?

I found about Living Storm Productions while I was attending film school at Madison Media Institute. I attended one of their film showcases! Later on during my final semester of school I wanted to get as much hands on experience working on sets. I saw that Living Storm Productions was looking for new crew members & I was eager to work with a group of talented professionals!

2. What first interested you in film?

I’ve always been intrigued by visual art. I really appreciate how film encompasses so many different art forms. It’s a huge collaborative art piece.

3. For you, what’s the most exciting part about making a film?

Watching an idea come to life.

4. What is your experience in filmmaking?

I’m a recent graduate of Madison Media Institute, but I’ve been making films since I first arrived. I’ve participated in many 48 hour film competitions.

5. What are some of your filmmaking ambitions?

To tell stories that connect us to what it means to be human.

— with Jordan Biagomala

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