Spotlight: Ben Mead

1. How did you find out about Living Storm Productions? What made you want to become a part of the group?

I first found out about LSP through their Facebook Page. After watching a few of their projects on YouTube I knew I wanted to be a part of the team. I wanted to work with other professionals in the field who had a passion for filmmaking and a passion for supporting local filmmaker’s.

2. What first interested you in film?

I’ve always loved stories and storytelling, but I didn’t really get into film until junior high when I watched Halloween (1978) for the first time. I’ve always liked films that fall under the horror, thriller, sci­fi genres, but the film got me interested into filmmaking because it still holds up and is now almost 40 years old. This made filmmaking feel possible and showed me that you don’t need millions of dollars and a green screen to make an effective film. What you do need is a talented cast and crew who are willing to do whatever it takes to make the director’s vision go from page to screen.

3. For you, what’s the most exciting part about making a film?

For me the most exciting (or most nerve racking) part of making a film is the editing process. This is when you find out if the project is working or not; you realize you should have got different angles, more takes, reaction shots, etc. But when the edit is really working it’s cool to see yours or someone else’s vision come together.

4. What is your experience in filmmaking?

I went to school at Madison Media institute for video and film production. I’ve worked on a handful of short films, music videos and commercials mostly as a videographer and/or editor.

5. What are some of your filmmaking ambitions? 

I’m hoping to go back to school in New York at the School of Visual Arts within the next year or two. My main goal would be to end up working on independent features.

— with Ben Mead

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