Spotlight: Lauren Barker


1. How did you find out about Living Storm Productions? What made you want to become part of the group?

I moved back to Madison a little over two years ago, and I immediately started going to networking events to get involved with the local filmmaking scene. I know I met Alex Contreras and Bryan Royston early on, and I also met many people who had worked with LSP before. So ultimately I wanted to work with them because I had heard so many good things about them and they seemed like a very professional film collective. And they were always looking for screenplays to produce!

2. What first interested you in film?

From a young age, I have been making up stories. When I was little, I would act them out in various ways. As I grew up I realized that the best way to continue telling my stories was through film. A lot of people talk about a moment when they knew they wanted to be a filmmaker—seeing a specific movie, for example. For me there’s not an exact moment because it was always more of a natural progression.

3. For you, what’s the most exciting part about making a film?

The first day on set is always really exciting. I spend so much time writing and revising and planning, so when I get to set and see the story finally coming to life, it’s so invigorating! Arriving on set and seeing the cast and crew there and ready to tell the story is energizing.

4. What is your experience in filmmaking?

I studied screenwriting at Vancouver Film School. After I graduated in 2014, I moved back to Madison, which is where I grew up, and connected with Living Storm. I had already written and directed a short film while in Vancouver and worked on a couple other short film projects. I had a short film script that I wanted to direct, so I pitched it to Alex, and he took it to the team and we filmed it in early 2016. I also work as a freelance production assistant for reality shows and commercials.

5. What are some of your filmmaking ambitions?

I want to write and direct feature films. I’ve written several features and I’m working toward getting one of them into production as soon as I can.

- with Lauren Barker

Alex Contreras