Written by Paul D. Scavitto.  Peter has always been an asset in the office, and has worked hard to gain the respect of his superiors. However, his erratic behavior has some wondering what makes him tick.


Peter - Will Endres
Theresa - Alicia McCanna
Guard - Bryan Royston
Patty - Kathy Beringer
Jack - Louis Sather
Mr. Oldman - Kevin Croak
Co-worker 1 - Ryan Catterson
Co-worker 2 - Nicole McIntosh
Co-worker 3 - Jack Measure
Investor 1 - Jen Boehmer
Investor 2 - Michele Parker
Investor 3 - Elise McFarlane


Screenwriter - Paul Scavitto
Director - Dan Weitz
Co-Director - David Warner  
Producer - Alex Contreras
Executive Producers -
               Bryan Royston
               David Warner
Assistant Director - Elen Santana
Cinematographer - Eric Swierczek
Costume Designer - Ness Vande
Costumer - Michele Parker
Makeup Artist - Michele Parker
Film Editor - Kirk McCamish
Foley & Audio Post-Production - Stephen Ellestad / Inner Voice Music
Original Music by - Nate Levy
Script Supervisor - Robin James
Casting Director - Tammy Adler
Associate Producer - Tammy Adler
Rehearsal Director - Bryan Royston
Production Assistant - Nicole McIntosh
Titles and Credits -
               Kirk McCamish
               Jeff Blankenship
Movie Poster Design - Douglas Productions
Creative Consultant - Tony Pesa